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Shaggy and Kaylee


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my favourite thing is when Zayn is supposed to be “”“exasperated”“” with Louis but he really isn’t like



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  1. Steal My Girl: Bunetta, Drewett, Ryan, Hector, Tomlinson, Payne
  2. Ready To Run: Scott, Bunetta, Ryan, Tomlinson, Payne
  3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go: Cunningham, Tamposi, Bunetta, Geiger, Styles
  4. 18: Ed Sheeran
  5. Girl Almighty: Bunetta, Ryan, Mehner
  6. Fool’s Gold: Horan, Mozella, Scott, Tomlinson, Styles, Payne (…?)
  7. Night Changes: Scott, Bunetta, Horan, Ryan, Styles, Tomlinson (…?)
  8. No Control: Cunningham, Scott, Bunetta, Ryan, Tomlinson
  9. Fireproof: Payne, Tomlinson, Bunetta, Ryan, Scott
  10. Spaces: Scott, Bunetta, Ryan, Tomlinson, Payne
  11. Stockholm Syndrome: Bunetta, Ryan, Styles, Carlsson
  12. Clouds: Scott, Bunetta, Ryan, Tomlinson, Payne
  13. Change Your Ticket: Bunetta, Payne, Tomlinson, Martin, Ryan, Horan (…?)
  14. Illusion: Scott, Payne, Ryan, Bunetta
  15. Once in A Lifetime: Scott, Bunetta, Ryan
  16. Act My Age: ??

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  • 9 songs cowritten by Louis
  • 7 songs cowritten by Liam
  • 4 songs cowritten by Harry
  • 3 songs cowritten by Niall

Note that there is no song written by any of the bigger artists they’ve been rumoured to be cowriting with for the album on the tracklist of FOUR. No Naughty Boy, no Madden Brothers, no Ryan Tedder, no possible Kodaline, no The 1975, no Fall Out Boy,  no McFly. So the question is, what happened to those songs?

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"You’re not even going to like One Direction anymore in a year" -my mom 3 years ago

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